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About Us

Afton is a contract manufacturer that focuses on small batch parenterals and Ready-To-Fill® components. Small batches mean that many of the products we work with are serving small patient populations including those with rare diseases. In addition to small batch sizes, we gravitate to unique products that may be considered challenging. These challenges may look like difficult formulations or products that are difficult to inspect.

Our Ready-To-Fill® components allow our clients that have in-house filling capabilities or are working with another CMO to quickly procure high quality, pre-sterilized components for use in their clinical and commercial products. These components help simplify our clients’ manufacturing facilities and accelerate their production startup. We relish the opportunity to work with our clients to overcome these challenges while ensuring that the products are manufactured with the highest quality. Our client’s success is not only our success but success for patients around the world.

Afton Scientific Mission Statement

These pillars guide not only our overarching strategy but also our day to day operations and decision making.


Some of Our Client Partners, Past & Present