Stock Ready to Fill Kits

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Stock Ready-To-Fill® Kits

  • 2mL 13mm

  • 5mL 20mm

  • 10mL 20mm

  • 20mL 20mm

 Less documentation to prepare for processing vials


  • No expensive washing and sterilizing equipment to own, validate, maintain, and train operators to use

  • Less manufacturing space

  • Smaller WFI needs

  • No production scheduling for washing and sterilizing components

  • No batch record to close out for washing and sterilizing

  • Fewer deviations

 Ready-To-Fill® Kits are composed of one stainless steel tray of vials, one pouch of stoppers and one pouch of seals.

  • Vials are DI/WFI washed, re-packaged in 316 SS tray and dry heat depyrogenated per a validated cycle.

  • Stoppers and seals are re-packaged and steam sterilized per a validated cycle.

  • In a grade A cleanroom, (1) vial tray, (1) stopper pouch and (1) seal pouch are combined (not assembled), vacuum packed and heat sealed in (2) pre-sterilized LDPE bags.

  • Trays are 3-sided for use in manual or automated filling.

  • 4 sizes available

  • No MOQ

  • Vials and stoppers are sterility, endotoxin, and particulate tested.

  • Seals are sterility tested.

  • A COA is generated for each batch.